Metastatic Breast Cancer


  • Understanding metastatic breast cancer

    What to do if cancer comes back

  • It’s your time to get the most from life

    Between today’s personalized treatment approaches and the many breakthroughs just around the corner, you have every reason to look to the future.

You & Your Care Team 

  • Bone metastases: Key questions to ask your doctor

    Get the answers you need

  • Working with your healthcare team

    When facing choices that affect your future, it’s challenging. Here’s how to make those decisions less daunting.

Cancer & Bone Health 

  • How bone mets are treated

    In addition to chemotherapy, radiation and hormone therapy, your doctor may consider these options to treat bone metastases:

  • Are your bones at risk for fracture?

    Check any of the below statements that apply to you.

  • When cancer puts your bones at risk

    Learn the treatment options to help safeguard your bone health.

True Inspiration 

  • “How we thrive!”

    Who better to know the dips, bumps and curves on the road you take with metastatic breast cancer than four women traveling that path today.

  • Love heals

    A “love train” of family and friends helps Jane Schwartzberg cope with Stage IV breast cancer—one day at a time.

  • “Get connected with people who can help”

    Nurse navigator Lillie Shockney on the importance of making connections

  • “I make every moment matter!”

    It’s when she’s busy and productive that former All My Children actress Mary Ann Wasil feels most alive—and that goes double when her children are near!

Healthy Choices

  • Middle Eastern Chickpea Burgers

    Chickpeas. Garlic. Ginger. Turmeric. Every tasty bite is packed with nutrients that help you heal, calm your stomach and boost your energy!