Create a Chemo Kit

Health Monitor Staff
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“I had a long drive to my chemo sessions and couldn’t take the chance of forgetting something,” says Barbara Gallagher of Florida, NY, who was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2010. So she put together a chemo coping kit, which included:

✓ wallet with ID, insurance card, AAA card, etc.
✓ list of current medications/supplements (how much, how often and why)
✓ cash (at least $25 for tolls and parking)
✓ 6 bottles of water (3 for the drive down, 3 for the drive back)
✓ something to read
✓ notepad
✓ calendar
✓ layered clothing (because the treatment room can get cold)
✓ socks (see above)
✓ gloves (to warm up my hands before giving blood)
✓ cellphone
✓ small pillow to elevate my sit bones for meditation
✓ headrest for the car seat (on the drive home, I just wanted to
   lay my head back!)
✓ snacks in plastic baggies (almonds, oranges, bananas or other
   healthy treats)

May 2013