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Reap the benefits of these fun activities that qualify as bona fide exercise.

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Look good, feel better
There’s nothing like a wolf whistle from someone you love—or just knowing you look good—to get you feeling better fast. So, if chemo side effects—hair loss, for instance—get you feeling down, know that there is something you can do about it. A makeover, and all the attention that comes along with it, can really lift your spirits.

That’s why the Look Good…Feel Better (LGFB) program, started in 1989 by the Personal Care Products Council Foundation, enlists the services of cosmetologists across the country and offers free online cosmetic guidance on its site, as well as in group programs nationwide.

If you want to explore the realm of wigs, scarves, hats, and turbans—LGFB can get you started with styling immediately. The program’s cosmetologists also give step-by-step skin care and makeup advice, online or in person. Note: Your health insurance may cover the cost of a wig if your doctor prescribes it. You may wish to discuss this with your oncologist or oncology nurse.

September 2012