• Introduction to Breast Cancer

    The truth is, nothing is fair about breast cancer. But you can find plenty of help and reasons for hope. Turn to your family and friends. Choose a healthcare team you trust. Prepare for a battle and be strong.

  • About Breast Cancer

    Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in women in the United States, second only to skin cancer.

  • Breast Cancer: Causes & Risk Factors

    Understanding your own risk factors may encourage you keep up with routine screenings and provide the opportunity for early detection. Here are some of the known breast cancer risk factors.

  • Breast Cancer: Symptoms

    Unlike many diseases, where the first hint is often pain or discomfort, breast cancer may produce no symptoms at all.

  • Breast Cancer: Diagnosis

    Doctors perform a number of tests to diagnose breast cancer.

Newly Diagnosed

  • Are You Concerned About Infertility?

    Chemotherapy can affect your fertility, so it’s important to explore your options if you would like to have children. Here’s what you should know.

  • What to Know About Clinical Trials

    The decision to enroll in a clinical trial is very personal—one you should think about carefully after talking with your healthcare provider and considering the pros and cons.

  • Understanding Your Treatment Options

    Breast cancer treatment is now highly customized with no two women undergoing the same exact regimen. Here's how to determine the best treatment plan for you.

  • Tests You May Need

    Find out the tests and tools used to diagnose and treat breast cancer.

  • How Your Cancer Is Staged

    A pathologist will determine the stage of your cancer and other critical data by examining your cancer cells under a microscope. He will give you a pathology report that details all the findings, including these items.