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  • What I Learned From My Breast Cancer Care Team

    Get tips from the professionals who always have your back.

  • Create a Chemo Kit

    Here's what it should include.

  • 5 Steps to a Better Breast Cancer Outcome

    To give your treatments the best chance to work, you have to take care of yourself. Here are a few insider tips.

  • To Wig or Not to Wig?

    Here's what you need to know when choosing a wig.

  • On Chemo? Fend off Nausea

    These simple tips can keep this common treatment side effect at bay.

Your Emotions

  • Why People Get Weird When You Have Cancer

    How to deal with bizarre reactions to your diagnosis—from co-workers who overreact to loved ones who keep their distance.

  • 7 Ways to Ease “Cancer Guilt”

    Do you blame yourself for your diagnosis? Feel bad for inconveniencing your loved ones? Read on for easy tips to help you keep guilt at bay.

  • The Myth of the Cancer Warrior

    What to say to loved ones who pressure you to fight cancer with a smile on your face.

  • 15 Tips for Feeling Your Best With Breast Cancer

    Women who’ve been through it share how to deal with the challenges of breast cancer.

  • Blog Your Way to Better Health

    Bring hope to yourself and others on the journey from cancer and chemo with your own blog.

Your Sex Life

  • Keeping Your Sex Life Alive

    Reconnect with your partner and reignite your passion.

  • How You Can Keep Intimacy Intact When Your Wife Has Breast Cancer

    Don’t let guilt get you down. Every relationship—even those not dealing with cancer treatment—can suffer from occasional drops in intimacy.

  • Sex and Chemotherapy

    Chemo isn’t the most sexy time, but you can still rev up the romance.