Acute Coronary Syndrome: Your Healthcare Team

If you've been diagnosed with acute coronary syndrome, it was most likely in the emergency room or in the hospital. A number of healthcare professionals can recommend treatment and help take care of you.

You may not need to see all of the professionals in this list, but it's nice to know your options. As you read about these different healthcare providers, consider how their expertise might be able to help you.

Primary care physician: A family doctor, internist or nurse practitioner who monitors your overall health. Your primary doctor may refer you to other specialists.

Cardiologist: A doctor who specializes in the treatment of the heart.

Nurse practitioner: An Advanced Practice Nurse who can provide high-quality care and treatment to patients. They can diagnose and treat a variety of health problems and inform patients about lifestyle changes that can improve their health.

Physician assistant: Health professionals licensed to practice medicine with physician supervision. They perform a comprehensive range of medical duties, from basic primary care to high-technology specialty procedures.

Dietitian: Nutritional expert who can help you lose weight and eat well.

Nurse educator: A nurse trained to help patients understand their condition and implement the doctor's treatment plan.

Psychologist: Mental-health specialist who helps you psychologically and emotionally cope. Many patients feel anxious, depressed or helpless after a heart attack and studies have shown that receiving treatment for co-morbid depression significantly reduces the risk of a repeat heart attack.

Social worker: A professional trained to answer your questions about insurance coverage, home healthcare needs, financial concerns and other issues.